.​.​.​and the desert opened its maw

by DuneGazer

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AnJa Reiter
AnJa Reiter  thumbnail
AnJa Reiter Personally involved in the footsteps of these three guys I've probably been their first fan ever and will be the very last glorifying the musical talent of each of these young musicians. I love their very own style and band that holds them together as a musical and personal union. Favourite song: shale eyed pilgrim and every other. Favorite track: Shale-Eyed Pilgrim.
sma92176 thumbnail
sma92176 That Desert sound! Favorite track: ...and the desert opened its maw.
abnormal_listening_habits thumbnail
abnormal_listening_habits Not the usual Desert/Stoner rock, DuneGazer has blazed its own path with a unique approach to an otherwise winning formula Droughtnought is is wonderful testament to this. Favorite track: Droughtnought.
Fuzzy Cracklins
Fuzzy Cracklins thumbnail
Fuzzy Cracklins I love grunge so I love this debut album, and especially the extended instrumental sections which showcase this band's musical talent. My full review is at www.fuzzycracklins.com/2019/12/dunegazer.html Favorite track: Droughtnought.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Superb musicianship and great vocal melodies all combine to make one seriously impressive mix of desert grunginess and psych tinted stoner growl. Favorite track: ...and the desert opened its maw.
Tom's Reviews
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Tom's Reviews Germany produces some of the best bands that I know of, and Dunegazer is no exception to the rule. I really dig what they've done here; it's well written, heavy, melodic, diverse, and a fine example of how great this genre can be when done properly. Favorite track: Droughtnought.
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Delusion 05:39
Pleasures come so chase along, Need to choke my misanthrope, Dust and Pills are easy thrills, Sunrise still so cold and unfulfilled. Now every path appears dictated, Soul starving, body saturated, I stumble, violence in sway, Keeps me from withering away. Oh, stale waters – never pure, Poisoned the martyr – No, there ain’t no cure Dust and Pills, they are your easy thrills. Sunrise still so cold and unfulfilled. Well I’d hate to see your face on my TV So now I have to go out into the unknown.
Sand 05:19
Petrified at heart, Closed up ripped to parts, The barrens stretching far, Across burned and bleeding scars. Grains grinding gears, Dragging me way beyond the road, Oiled in sweat and tears, Dedicated to a goal. Well now, truth to be told, Got no clue where I go, Sandstorms are raging uncontrolled. A life that’s drenched in sin Now mother sun scorches my skin, Where Pain draws me deeper in. Now, truth to be told, Got no clue where I go, Yeah, visions raging uncontrolled A life that’s drenched in sin Now mother sun scorches my skin, Where I’m devoured by the deserts grin.
A formless shade litters the horizon, As I get closer I seem to recognize him. Rugged and worn, strange but know, His face is torn with eyes of stone. The utterings of his obsession, Without a glimpse of human expression. No friendly word, no smile to share. But that’s alright, cause out here company is rare. Though life may flourish and grow in a lush and deep green meadow, This desert just leaves me with my unforgiving shadow, Glaring right down into me revealing flesh and marrow, Leading my hollow self, down on a path that I have to follow.
The Nexus 06:08
I open up my eye, So I can witness my Devotion to notion. I’m clinging desperately on to my reality, Yet it all fades, I remain. I’m starving endlessly On every sane proclivity, So I throw ‘em away, Merely another step to take. And as the gruesome scene reveals itself, A broken mirror remains corrective. Then assemble truth from prison cells, Until divine equals elective. Struggle up or pick your chosen hell, A life in pain as practice. Just different tools to fix yourself, Metal walls for shattered glasses.
Floral 04:25
I barely noticed, lotus’ Growing across the deserts floor. Was way too focused, on this Sky above my Mind explored. So I, Shall reclaim what’s mine, And let the Sun shine bright, Once I, Was left to die, But now I’m coming back to life. Yeah you told me, slowly, That you’ve walked these wastes before, But you felt lonely, only, I provided life support. Yeah You, Say you made it through, And I can feel that it’s true, But You, Were too afraid to move, So you just burned up all of your shoes. All this Dirt is serving a purpose, Rain drops wash away, A green surface emerges in these deserted lands, that death had claimed. Yeah We, Let life run free, And as our vision comes to be, Yea, We see, So we believe, In our curiosity. Well a part of me ventured out just to die, Another one’s longing into the sky. I wonder how many have left my side. Well I guess there is only on way to find out, Sacrifice fear so I can brave every doubt, ‘Til there’s nothing inside I’m unsure about.


released December 16, 2019

All songs written and performed live by DuneGazer
Recorded by Alex Pojda @die Tonmeisterei
Mixed & Mastered by Role @die Tonmeisterei
Artwork by Seppo Alanissi
Logo by Wappenschmied


all rights reserved



DuneGazer Oldenburg, Germany

since 2017

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